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2 posts from March 2011


Sunday soccer in Ferrara

SPAL is the name of the Ferrara soccer team. The club was funded in 1907 by a Salesian monk, Pietro Acerbis.  Initially the club was involved in art, cycling and athletic activities, but  in 1912 a soccer branch was started . It was named  SPAL “Società Polisportiva Ars et Labor”, its colours were white and light blue, the same as the coat of arms of the Salesian order.


Nowadays SPAL is in the C1 Division, the team is worshipped by its local supporters, better known as spallini. It is an unforgettable experience to savour the atmosphere of a stadium in Italy,  our students were invited to take part to this event last Sunday for the SPAL – Sorrento match.


Students joined Riccardo, myself, and many others in the curva ovest (west sector), the traditional spot for all the SPAL supporters. The match ended in nil-nil but the students attending could savour an authentic local experience.


Sicily excursion

Spring semester offers students the opportunity to go to Sicily for a few days. We left on Wednesday 23 and returned to Ferrara on Sunday 28 February.

Sicily is an island at the centre of the Mediterranean but at the very edge of Europe, which is part of Italy and yet very different in terms of culture, food and natural beauty. But perhaps it is the remarkable history of the island that makes this visit unique.

The strategic importance of Sicily meant that almost all the great civilizations  of the west and (and even middle east) have left their mark in architectural treasures that are testimony to a heritage we share.

There are Greek, Roman, Arab, Norman and Spanish remains, in the form of temples and villas, castles and churches, all in the context of strikingly picturesque natural landscape of an island with unspoiled coastline and exotic flora. Probably no other island on earth offers so much in such a limited space.

 Highlights from the excursion.

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